Doha 3 Meeting; Taliban Held Talks with US and UN Representatives

Bayan News – Informed sources have told Afghan media outlets that the Taliban have held talks with representatives of the United States and the United Nations regarding the third Doha meeting in Qatar.

According to the sources, Abdul Manan Omari, the special representative of Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban, met with representatives of the United States and the United Nations, and the two sides discussed the conditions for participation in the third Doha meeting.

It is reported that the UN and US representatives shared a 15-item agenda with the Taliban representative, and the Taliban representative also presented a 9-item condition to the US and UN.

The handover of Afghanistan’s seat at the United Nations and the non-appointment of a special representative of the organization for Afghanistan are considered the most important conditions of the Taliban for participating in the third Doha meeting.

It should be noted that the third round of the Doha meeting will be hosted by the United Nations and will be attended by the special representatives of the countries for Afghanistan on June 30.

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