Biden: US troops stationed in the region are addressing threats emanating from Afghanistan

Bayan News – US President Joe Biden has recently stated that American troops stationed in countries in the region will address threats emanating from Afghanistan.

He made these remarks on Friday (June 7) in a letter to the US Congress, writing that Washington has stationed equipped combat forces at several locations in the areas of responsibility of this country’s Central Command in Europe, Africa, South Asia, and Oceania to counter al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Biden wrote: “US military personnel outside of Afghanistan are positioned to address threats to the homeland and US interests that may emanate from within Afghanistan.”

The US President also noted in this letter that American forces are present in Syria and serve as military advisors in Iraq to prevent the resurgence of ISIS in those countries.

He emphasized that to combat Houthi militants, US forces are being deployed to Saudi Arabia to train their air defense and missile defense capabilities.

Biden indicated that in response to requests from Jordan and Lebanon, additional forces will also be sent to those countries.

It is worth mentioning that in recent months, drones have been patrolling the skies over several provinces of Afghanistan, including Kandahar, Paktika, and Kapisa, although the identity of these drones was not specified, it was speculated that they may belong to US forces.

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