Taliban: Any change in the composition and agenda of the Doha meeting will affect our decision

Bayan News – The Taliban Foreign Ministry says that during two months of negotiations with United Nations representatives, it was decided that the Taliban delegation would participate in the third round of the Doha meeting.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi, the spokesman for the Taliban Foreign Ministry, wrote these remarks on the X platform on Sunday (June 16) and added that the decision to participate in the upcoming Doha meeting has been made in principle.

Balkhi said: “Any change in the composition and agenda of the meeting will naturally affect our decision, which will be shared with all aspects at that time.”

Earlier, the spokesman for the Taliban government had also said that the agenda of the third Doha meeting is in the interest of Afghanistan, as issues such as investment in Afghanistan and the provision of humanitarian assistance will be discussed.

The third Doha meeting will be hosted by the United Nations on June 30 of this month.

Representatives of protesting women and political opposition groups against the Taliban have not been invited to this meeting.

However, the UN spokesman had previously announced that human rights and women’s rights will be a priority in the third Doha meeting; a subject that the Taliban opposes.

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