The fourth meeting of political opponents of the Taliban in Vienna has begun

Bayan News – The fourth round of the Vienna meeting, attended by 70 political and military figures opposed to the Taliban, was held on Monday (June 24) in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

In addition to the political opponents of the Taliban, civil and human rights activists also participated in this meeting.

Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, the leader of the Islamic Unity Party of the People of Afghanistan, Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front, and Rangin Dadfar Spanta, the former National Security Advisor of the Afghan government, are among the participants of this meeting.

According to the reports, on the first day of this meeting, preliminary discussions on the political prospects of Afghanistan, international relations, and the regional implications for Afghanistan’s future will be held.

Ali Maisam Nazari, the head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Resistance Front, wrote on the X platform on Monday (June 24) that the Vienna meeting demonstrates political unity and consensus around Afghanistan’s future.

He wrote: “Today, for the fourth time, the Vienna process has brought together political and civil forces to work together for a democratic future for Afghanistan. Leaders and representatives of more than 65 political and civil groups, including prominent figures from different ethnicities and religions of the country, have participated in this round.”

Nazari further called on the international community to support political processes like Vienna, which aim to serve the people.

The meeting of the political opponents of the Taliban is being held while the third Doha meeting, hosted by the United Nations, is scheduled to be held within a week.

In the Doha meeting, civil society activists, political opponents of the Taliban, and women’s representatives have not been invited.

The absence of women’s representatives and civil society activists in the Doha meeting has provoked strong reactions, and many political opponents of the Taliban have called for cutting off women’s relations with the United Nations.

UN says women’s rights will be at the forefront of Doha meeting discussions

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