Protests in Badakhshan against the Taliban turn violent

Bayan News – Following the killing of a civilian in the Dara-eim district of Badakhshan province, local sources have reported the spread of protests in the Argu and Jaram districts of the province as well.

Local sources in Badakhshan province state that on Sunday (May 4th), as a result of Taliban forces’ gunfire in the Argu district of Badakhshan, one person was killed and five others were injured.

According to sources, the popular protests in the Argu district of Badakhshan began when Taliban forces attempted to destroy poppy fields.

Sources say that the Taliban clashed with local residents, and as a result of gunfire by the forces of the “narcotics management unit” of this group, a 25-year-old young man named “Basit” was killed, and five others were injured.

Videos posted on social media show local residents protesting against the Taliban with sticks and hammers.

The Taliban’s intelligence and culture chief in Badakhshan province has also confirmed that as a result of Taliban forces’ gunfire, one person was killed and five others were injured.

He added that the protests have now ended, and the forces of this group have control of the situation in Argu.

At the same time, residents of the Dara-eim and Argu districts of Badakhshan have reported that the Taliban have requested additional forces to suppress the protesters.

According to local residents, the Taliban initially used stones to disperse the protesters and then resorted to firing shots in the air.

These are the second day of popular protests in Badakhshan province.

However, after the death of a civilian, local residents have protested and carried the body of the deceased while chanting slogans of “Death to the Emirate.”

While some social media users and media outlets report the tense situation in Badakhshan province, Abdul Matin Qani, the spokesman for the Taliban Ministry of Interior, says that the situation is under the control of security forces.

The Ministry of Interior spokesperson tweeted that the Taliban leadership’s order regarding the prohibition of poppy cultivation is clear, and the police are obligated to enforce it.

He further wrote, “Regarding the incident surrounding the eradication of poppy cultivation in Badakhshan province, we are in contact with local officials in Badakhshan province, and the Ministry of Interior is making efforts to resolve the issue in cooperation with the people.”

The Taliban Ministry of Interior has confirmed the killing of a civilian in Badakhshan province

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