NATO leaders have referred to Russia as the most significant and direct global threat.

Bayan News – The leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) emphasized their support for Ukraine at the end of their seventy-fifth summit in Washington.

The three-day NATO summit concluded on Thursday (July 10) with the issuance of a joint statement.

The statement asserts that Russia has undermined peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region by its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and has weakened global security.

According to the statement, NATO members are determined to constrain Russia’s aggressive actions and challenge them.

Based on this statement, NATO leaders have agreed to provide a minimum of 40 billion euros in the next year for Ukraine through proportional contributions.

NATO has also stated that it will continue to train Ukrainian forces and provide military equipment to the country to counter Russia.

However, during the three-day NATO summit, North Korea and Iran have also been accused of providing direct military support to Russia.

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