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Biden’s disclosure sharpened the blade of the political opponents of the current government in Kabul

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In a press conference held at the White House on Friday (July 1), US President Joe Biden revealed the cooperation of the Taliban in overthrowing Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

A video tape of this news conference has been published, which shows that Biden is leaving this conference, but a reporter asks him about America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In response to this question, it should be added: “No, no.” All evidence is being recovered. Do you remember what I said about Afghanistan? I said Al-Qaeda should not be there. I said not to be there. I said to get help from the Taliban. what happened now What is happening? Browse your media. I was right.”

However, the US State Department released part of its confidential report on the withdrawal from Afghanistan after about two years, in which the mistakes of the current US administration in the recent Kabul crisis have been criticized.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the caretaker government of Kabul has also welcomed Biden’s words that armed groups are no longer present in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson of this ministry has said: “We consider the statements of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, about the absence of armed groups in Afghanistan as an admission of reality, and we announce that the recent report of the United Nations sanctions monitoring team on the presence and activities of more than twenty Rejects the armed group in Afghanistan.

But these statements of Biden have brought the criticism of the political opponents of the current Kabul government, and they blame the current US government headed by Biden for the collapse of the republican system.

Rahmatullah Nabil, the former head of Afghanistan’s national security, has considered Biden’s statements about cooperation with the Taliban as a pioneering disclosure of the hidden annexes of the Doha Agreement.

Nabil said on Saturday (July 1) that the American president clarified the true nature of the Taliban as the American Wagner group in the region.

Zia Shahriar, a journalist, says that apparently Biden has for the first time revealed the cooperation between the US and the Taliban in the fight against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Shahriar states: “The fact that he says that I said Al-Qaeda will not be in Afghanistan and that the Taliban will cooperate with us, confirms the claims that the cooperation between the US and the Taliban has been going on.”

On the other hand, Arif Rahmani, a former member of the House of Representatives, said in a tweet that America’s double standards and hypocrisy are undeniable.

Rahmani added: “Who doesn’t know that the United States was a terrorist in the eyes of the United States until yesterday, but today it is an undeniable fact, a partner in the fight against terrorism and deserving of the financial support of the United States.”

However, this was the first time that the US president spoke about cooperation with the Taliban.

He is making these statements while Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al-Qaeda network, was killed in the diplomatic area of Kabul (Vazir Akbar Khan) in an attack by American forces last year.

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