Afghanistan’s Exports Reach Over $136 Million in One Month

Bayan News – The National Statistics and Information Authority announced in a newsletter that the value of Afghanistan’s exports to foreign countries has reached $136.9 million in the past month.

The institution also provided statistics on Monday (September 10) stating that the total value of imported goods for trade within the country has exceeded $743 million.

According to the newsletter, Afghanistan’s total exports of trade goods have decreased compared to August of the previous year, whereas in August of the previous year, trade goods worth $139.7 million were exported.

Based on this newsletter, the total value of imports to the country in the month of Asad, 1401 (July-August 2022), amounted to $712.8 million, indicating a decrease of $30.8 million compared to the previous year.

According to the National Statistics and Information Authority, the majority of Afghanistan’s trade goods have been exported to Pakistan, India, and the United Arab Emirates, while trade goods from China, Pakistan, and Iran continue to be imported into the country.

This is happening at a time when trade exchanges with regional and global countries have decreased following the reestablishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

The interim government in Kabul has consistently stated that investment opportunities have been provided within the country and has reassured both domestic and foreign investors to continue their investments without concern.

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