New U.S. Moves to Counter China

Bayan News – President Joe Biden of the United States is set to host a gathering of eighteen leaders from Pacific island nations in Washington today and tomorrow (September 25) to address China’s influence in the region.

According to Al Arabiya, as reported by the newspaper “Japan Today,” senior officials in the Biden administration have emphasized that the U.S. president is expected to take a more decisive position on America’s presence in the region during this gathering. This includes allocating a larger budget to infrastructure projects and increasing maritime cooperation with regional nations.

The meeting will bring together leaders of scattered countries in the Pacific, including Australia and island nations, on Monday and Tuesday.

According to Japan Today, the absence of Manasseh Sogavare, the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, highlights China’s influence in this Oceanic country.

Despite attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week, Sogavare did not extend his stay in the United States to meet with Joe Biden.

The White House has made extensive preparations to accommodate the leaders of Pacific island nations. According to American diplomats, the Biden administration hopes to announce “significant progress” in negotiations with the leaders of these countries.

On Monday, the Pacific leaders will meet and have brunch with Biden at the White House. On Tuesday, they will meet with senior U.S. officials in the fields of water, climate, and the economy, followed by a meeting with U.S. lawmakers.

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