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Women Participants in the Security Council Meeting: We Raised Concerns of Afghan Women to Council Members

Bayan News – Several Afghan women activists who participated in the United Nations Security Council meeting say they shared the concerns of Afghan women with the council members.

Afghan women activists stated in a press conference on Tuesday (December 12) that they have shared all concerns regarding Afghan women with the members of the United Nations Security Council.

Fawzia Koofi, a women’s rights activist and former member of the Afghan government’s House of Representatives, said in this meeting that the council members were requested to incorporate the views of Afghan women in the council’s resolution, which would be a positive step.

She further emphasized that the draft of the Security Council resolution should be shared with women activists to understand what has been included, as the people of Afghanistan are concerned about what has been discussed behind closed doors.

Similarly, Madinah Mahbobi, a women’s rights activist, stated that she highlighted the economic empowerment of Afghan women in the Security Council meeting and also raised concerns about humanitarian assistance programs that are not sustainable.

Ms. Mahbobi emphasized in this press conference that long-term employment programs are needed for Afghan women to be supported through economic avenues.

This women’s rights activist also reminded that if any talks begin with the interim Kabul government, it should take place inside Afghanistan or in one of the regional countries so that the representatives of the people can participate.

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