Afghanistan Economic Crisis: $50 Million Investment in the Iron Melting Sector

Bayan News – Naqibullah Nazari, an Afghan trader, states that he has invested over $50 million in an iron melting plant in Kabul.

The iron melting plant was inaugurated in Kabul on Monday (March 24).

Naqibullah Nazari, the manager of this plant, mentions that over two thousand individuals are employed in various sections of the iron melting facility and work in different departments.

The Afghan trader urges the Taliban to increase the import tariffs on steel rods.

Since the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan, not only has the level of investment in the country decreased, but many traders have also moved their investments out of Kabul.

Furthermore, over the past two years, the Taliban have made extensive efforts to attract national and international investments.

Taliban authorities have consistently stated their commitment to ensuring the security of all investments and collaborating closely with traders.

Currently, the primary economic focus is on the extraction of Afghanistan’s mineral resources.

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