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Presidential Medal of Courage Awarded to Afghan Women Protesters

Bayan News – International media have reported that the Presidential Medal of Courage of Kosovo has been awarded to Afghan women protesters.

The Medal of Courage has been awarded to women protesters in an official program titled “International Women, Peace, and Security Conference.”

This program, which took place on Tuesday (April 15) with the participation of over 800 representatives from 40 countries around the world and with the presence of the President of Kosovo.

The Medal of Courage was presented by Vjosa Osmani, the President of Kosovo, to Zahra Nader, an Afghan journalist, Arefa Fatimi, Medina Darwazi, and several other women protesters.

Zahra Nader stated upon receiving the medal: “It is estimated that 20 million women and girls are deprived of their rights. They do not have the right to travel for work or education, or even the right to choose their clothing.”

She said that the Taliban have dismantled all systems supporting women in Afghanistan and violence against this group, especially sexual violence, has increased.

According to published reports, the International Women, Peace, and Security Conference was held in the direction of security, peace, and reflecting the voices of survivors of sexual violence.

Prominent international figures from countries such as the United States, Slovenia, Albania, and representatives from other countries were present at this program.

Taliban Obstruction

Sources in Kabul have reported that the Taliban have prevented a number of women and girls invited to the prize-giving ceremony from traveling.

According to sources, four women were supposed to participate in the event from Kabul, but due to lack of a male guardian, they were deprived of participating in the program.

Adela Yadgar, a staff member of the Afghan Women for Women Institute, Mahnaz Baloch, a staff member of the International Organization for Migration, Negin Ahmadi, a staff member of the Institute for Capacity and Knowledge, and Fereshteh Ya’qubi, a staff member of the Sustainable Assistance Organization in Afghanistan, were among those invited from Kabul.

The Taliban have not officially commented on this matter yet.

Prominent Shia scholar in Afghanistan emphasizes education for girls: “Education is a righteous act”

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