Iranian Interior Minister: We are collecting foreign national child workers

Bayan News – Ahmad Vahidi, the Interior Minister of Iran, says that the government is determined to collect beggars and child laborers who are “foreign nationals.”

Iranian officials usually use the term “foreign nationals” to refer to Afghan migrants, however, the Minister of Interior of Iran is probably referring to Afghan migrant child laborers in this country.

This Iranian official stated on Monday (May 27) that the majority of child laborers on Iran’s roads are foreign nationals; however, there is no exact statistics available.

He once again emphasized clearly that unauthorized Afghan migrants should be returned to their country.

Vahidi said, “Our definitive decision is to collect child laborers and beggars.”

The Iranian Interior Minister added that the Islamic Republic faces widespread challenges in collecting child laborers, stating, “Most child laborers are illegal Afghan migrants, some of whom are minors, which makes collecting and caring for them difficult for the welfare department.”

It is worth mentioning that Iranian officials had previously stated that around 70,000 Afghan child laborers are engaged in hard work in this country.

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