German Interior Minister: Islamic Emirate Officials Have No Place in Germany

Bayan News – Following a speech by Abdul Bari Omar, the head of the drug and food administration in a mosque in Germany, the country’s interior minister reacted and explicitly stated that Islamic Emirate officials have no place in Germany.

Mr. Omar recently traveled to Germany, but it is still unclear how he entered the country. Video footage shows him speaking to Afghan refugees in a mosque in the city of Cologne, Germany.

The head of the drug and food administration added that overall security has been ensured in Afghanistan and the reconstruction process is underway. He also continued to say that everyone should contribute to the reconstruction of the country and make use of their resources.

This speech has provoked strong reactions from German politicians and officials.

Nancy Fizer, the German Interior Minister, wrote on the X platform that no one is allowed to give a platform to Islamic Emirate officials in their sermons, as they are responsible for human rights violations.

She explicitly wrote on X that Islamic Emirate officials have no place in Germany.

The German Interior Minister further added that the relevant authorities in the country will investigate how the Islamic Emirate officials entered and also requested the Turkish Islamic Union to clarify how the presence of this interim government official in Kabul has been made possible in Germany.

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