Karzai: Intra-Afghan Talks Should Commence Promptly with the Involvement of All Ethnic Groups

Bayan News – Hamed Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, states that intra-Afghan talks should begin as soon as possible with the participation of representatives from all ethnic groups.

Karzai made these remarks in an interview with the Japanese media outlet Kyodo News, stating that the international community should not seek the elimination of the Islamic Emirate as it would worsen the situation.

The former President of Afghanistan added, “We do not seek the collapse or fragmentation of the regime. We have had enough of that in Afghanistan. We seek improvement in governance. We want all Afghans to come together to build a future.”

Referring to power-sharing in Afghanistan, he emphasized that the factions of the Islamic Emirate are not pessimistic about this and understand that Afghanistan is large enough to accommodate all groups.

Karzai stated, “We need to establish an arrangement where both sides, the Taliban and other Afghans, understand that the country is big enough for everyone. I mean politically and economically.”

He emphasized the urgency of girls’ education, stating that allowing immediate education for girls could be a step towards legitimizing the current Kabul government.

The former President of Afghanistan further asserted that the Islamic Emirate must immediately permit girls’ education, as it would lend legitimacy to the current government and create the basis for its recognition.

The interim Kabul government, after two years, has not reversed its decision regarding education for girls beyond the sixth grade and reopening universities for female students.

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