The Russian and Indian leaders emphasized the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, and Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, issued a joint statement, emphasizing the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.

The Indian Prime Minister visited Moscow, the capital of Russia, for a two-day official visit on Monday (July 8). The Russian President received Modi at his personal residence.

In the joint statement, the leaders of the two countries considered the fight against terrorism globally as vital and emphasized that coordinated action in the fight against terrorist groups in Afghanistan will be effective.

According to the reports published by the Indian media on Wednesday (July 10), it is written that the leaders of the two countries focused on the fight against terrorist groups, especially ISIS.

According to the reports, Putin and Modi have declared their support for an independent Afghanistan free from political interference.

These leaders also emphasized that priority should be given to human rights and humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.

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